How much should i charge for product photography as a beginner?

They have a little experience but have no formal education in photography. If you're wondering “How much should I pay for a product photograph?” , you're most likely considering taking your first steps in e-commerce. Whether you're going to work in an online store as a founder, marketing expert, or freelance photographer, this guide to product photography rates can be useful, as it delves into the main aspects of the topic. Let's start by listing the components that are included in product photography costs.

Depending on the size of your business, the country of residence and the legal status, a photography company may have to pay between 5% and 50% in taxes. Many software solutions are used to make business communication smooth, orderly and efficient. All CRM, website, mobile app, chat and email solutions cost a company money, but save the customer money and time. Basic image retouching can be included in the normal price of product photography, but if you need some complex post-production manipulations, they will have an additional cost.

Of course, unless you're operating your business next door to a photo studio, you'll have to consider shipping costs when considering your e-commerce photography prices. Most businesses are done online now, so it's very likely that you'll end up sending your items to a studio for a photo session with a courier service or delivery service. Fixed rates, when producing services, are increasingly common for offers that have a definable cost of goods. Catalog images or images from model catalogs are easier to produce, since there are a limited number of ways to capture them.

Creative images are much more difficult to standardize and produce, so setting fixed rates for advertising and hero photos is difficult. A single image can be taken in an hour or a day. That's why it's common to use hourly rates. The photography of jewelry and watches is very technical in photography and especially in retouching.

Because of the multiple details and minuscule facets, reflective surfaces, inevitable fingerprints and diverse materials combined in a single product, need skills and time to produce and edit. With all of the above, the relationship between the market and supply and demand is one of the main factors of pricing, so competition research is vital. At Squareshot, we believe that specialized knowledge can improve collective success in e-commerce and brand development. After taking more than 50,000 images, we shared the ideas and lessons learned through guides, stories and podcasts with industry leaders.

For example, an amateur with experience in product photography would be a better option than a semi-professional with no experience in product photography. Product photography with a plain white background is the most common type of professional photography service used in e-commerce. Lifestyle product photography can cost you more than traditional e-commerce product photography with a plain white background.

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