What are the different types of product lighting?

Lighting has the potential to make or break the photos of your products. The best lights for product photography are a combination of one or two high-quality continuous lights (they stay on all the time while you design your products for photos and videos). These lights can be high-power LED lights, low-pressure mercury vapor gas discharge fluorescent lamps, or tungsten bulbs. With continuous lights, you can control where the light goes by moving it around the product and you can see how the light interacts in the scene.

Are light boxes an excellent lighting solution for product photography? I mean, it all comes down to your personal preferences. Lighting boxes come in different sizes and you literally don't need to buy a bunch of strobe or continuous lights. There are two main types of artificial lights used in photography. These are continuous lights and external flashes.

It will depend on a few things if you want to invest in one or the other. Strobe lighting is used as part of product photography. It's ideal when you want to create an image with a very sharp focus. However, at the beginning of your career as a product photographer, it's not recommended to work with strobe lighting.

It's an acquired skill and you should make sure you pay close attention to the shutter speed and exposure of the camera. When the product lights up the right way, the buyer in all of us will come out and make us want the product. However, they're not as good for product photography because they don't spread well and their round shape can cause strange glare spots that are difficult to edit. If this lighting scheme continues to cause your products to blend into the background, try pointing the backlights towards the back instead of towards the product.

However, before you reach into your pocket, make sure you understand what type of lights you need for your product photography studio space. The best LED lights for product photography are more expensive, but they have features that make it worth the extra expense. Using the best lighting practices is especially important when it comes to creative photographs and blank products. LED lights can be a great option in product photography because they don't generate as much heat and can even change color, like the Aperture MC (Amazon).

If you're not thrilled with the results, try switching to side lighting, which is the most effective lighting for product photography in the world. When you use light the right way in a product shoot, your sales conversion rate increases. With its perfect compact design, its 5600 K ± 200 K color temperature, 16 channels and adjustable brightness are considered an excellent choice for professional product photography. While you generally want the colors of the product to be as accurate as possible, colored gels can produce eye-catching accents and reflections, either on the product itself or on the background.

A second light placed on the opposite side of the product will create a balance, so that both sides of the product will be evenly illuminated and shadows will be eliminated. Ultimately, that's what the lighting techniques of product photography are all about when you want to do a good job.

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