What tips can you give for photographing products with glossy surfaces?

The following specialized tools, light settings and camera settings will help you avoid reflections when photographing bright objects, to diffuse light, to take pictures on a cloudy day, to use polarizing filters, to adjust the angle of the camera, to create a desktop studio and to use a lens hood. There are a few different techniques you can use to take pictures of bright objects without reflections, depending on your overall objective. To emphasize details and minimize reflections on detailed products such as watches, sunglasses or jewelry, it is best to use a lateral lighting technique. For photographing bright, translucent products, the case backlighting works well.

To minimize unwanted reflections on objects such as metal, try double ceiling lighting. In previous articles, we discussed tips and recommendations for photographing products on white backgrounds and with a reflection in the background. The most difficult product photography of all is when working with highly reflective objects or glass. So let's take a look at how to make them look great.

See where the light is coming from and adjust the angle of your products to move them away from that light source. For example, if you're using natural light from a window on the right, adjust the product slightly to see if that eliminates glare. Glass products always have reflective surfaces and it's difficult to photograph them without capturing unwanted reflections. Photographing reflective surfaces and objects is often a challenge and can easily turn the photographer's work into a frustrating task.

Photographing transparent objects works a little differently than shooting normal plastic or matte objects. If you are going to style the products on a flat table, you can rest the product on one edge to eliminate glare.

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